Orbes Inter Orbes... Deluxe Edition!



Up Arrow Key: Apply thrust away from the sun

Left Arrow Key: Apply thrust to move yourself counterclockwise around the sun

Right Arrow Key: Apply thrust to move yourself clockwise around the sun

X: begin the game from the title screen

Run into the orbiting canisters (+ symbols)  to pick them up and regain a small amount of power and a point, don't run out of power or crash into a planetary body (the big circles!!)



Moving into an uncharted system, your ship has suffered a mishap, losing most of its power cells and scattering your reserves (and you!!!) into orbit around the nearby sun! Grab as many of your lost power cells as you can before you run out of power and/or crash into a planet and/or sun!


This project was expanded from my entry to the TweetTweet jam, in which you had to make a game in 560 characters (two tweets) or fewer: https://aristaeus890.itch.io/orbes-inter-orbes

I decided to make a quick deluxe version to pack in a few things I couldn't squeeze into the original version. It doubled in size and now is exactly 4 tweets long!

Some New Features:

Sound effects: one whole!  (It takes one more character to play any other sound effect than 0 so there's only 1!

Music: One excellent whole track, created by @RobbyDuguay via https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=2619

Better collision: collision is now measured using two whole pixels instead of one, making it feel far better

Jet effect: A little flame comes from the bottom of your ship when you jet up. There wasn't enough room to do the same for left and right!

An orbital ring indicator. This makes it far easier to judge your course without having to eyeball it.

60fps! It takes more characters to run a game at 60fps for reasons.

A lovely title screen! (I would have loved to format the title text a little better but hey, that takes more characters)

An even less descriptive fuel and score counter! I couldn't spare the characters, they make sense in context anyway I hope!

Devlog: https://aristaeus.neocities.org/posts/2021-06-22-Bits-and-BobsOrbes-Inter-Orbes-...


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