A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Escape: Quit

WASD: move

Mouse: look

E: Interact

Spacebar: jump

This is a demo of a current project I'm working on to experiment with lighting using a mix of real time and faked, as well as get something looking vaguely like it could have released on the n64 using a few techniques.

This was made with Godot; the maps were made with trench broom and imported with Qodot


LamplightCavernsDemo.exe.zip 69 MB
LamplightCaverns.dmg.zip 87 MB


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Looks like it could be an interesting space to explore, but I don't like the controls. I move the mouse left and I look right. I press W but I go backwards.

Also, you should probably compress the download files to the are better for people with bad internet.


Oh my gosh, 4am brain strikes again. That's been a thing I haven't gotten around to fixing for so long that it just became normal to me to use W to go backwards! I've added a fix for the controls and camera, as well as a compressed versions :)

We all have those moments. Thanks for the quick fix, I'll give it another go.


It's quite an impressively large space, I don't know how much of it I explored but it was an interesting walk. I pressed E on many things....

Great work!

Ty :) Interactables are mainly switches and a few readable bits of text in the later areas