A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

V1.1. Controls actually are what the game says they are now!

One campfire. Three statues. Talking statues?

This was made made in about 3 days for a jam.

There's quite a bit I could definitely improve, a lot of it just with a bit more time but I had fun so whatever!

Please note, I built the game from a Mac. The windows build should work but I can't guarantee it


Advance Dialogue: SPACEBAR

Pick a choice: 'q' 'w' or 'e' for choice 1 2 or 3 respectively

If you see "---" this indicates you can make a choice

Quit: Escape


ITTE1.11.app.zip 26 MB
ITTE_WIN_1.11.zip 26 MB
ITTE_LIN.zip 29 MB


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Looks like you uploaded the Data folder’s contents for the linux download, there’s no game in there!

(1 edit)


I *think* I have fixed it. I'm not familiar with what's needed in the linux package so big apologies :(

It works! Thank you so much :D Now I can check it out.


Ah thank gosh. I'll know better for next time now.

For me on Windows, it seemed like I needed to press 'I 'O' 'P' for the respective options! A pleasant little experience.

Aggggh. Fixed! I am a fool...