A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


ARROW KEYS: Move the Camera

WASD: Change Card Selection/Choose a space on the board

ENTER: Select Card/Select Piece/Select Destination

-/+: skip back/skip forward a level

R: Restart the current level if you're stuck in any way.

The aim of the game is to get your king to the back of the board where the black player starts. Do that and you win the level.

The cards along the top show what your current move options are. Once you've used one it is discarded and a new one drawn. Each card also has a heat number that it will add to the heat meter on the left of the screen. When the meter reaches the top, the disaster shown in the bottom left will trigger. They'll get worse over time, so hurry up!

Squares that have been set on fire can be travelled over, but not stopped on, or you'll meet a fiery fate!

This is moderately rough prototype made over about two weeks. There's a lot of ideas/textures/effects etc etc that I didn't have time to add/a few known bugs that I didn't have time to fix. The most significant is that after a new level is loaded or restarted, you may not be able to select any card other than the first. Once you've used that card the problem will right itself

 I hope you find it interesting at the very least!


Normal_Chess.exe.x86_64 35 MB
Normal_Chess.dmg 32 MB
Normal_Chess.exe 35 MB

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